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best electric fireplaces

Best Electric Fireplaces

The best electric fireplace will save you money and is better for the environment. They deliver the warmth and reliability you’d expect from a traditional crackling fire, but with less mess and less effort each day. Perfect for apartment living, modern homes and even traditional houses, an electric fireplace heater … Read More

best electric baseboard heaters

Best Electric Baseboard Heaters

Whether you want to warm a whole bedroom or confine the heat to a specific zone, electric baseboard heaters will come in handy.  It is a good solution to warm up the air coming from windows and make you feel pleasant even sitting on the floor. There are a few … Read More

best gas fireplace insert

Best Gas Fireplaces & inserts

If you want to find a good alternative for a traditional wood-burning fireplace, you should take a look at the gas fireplace that are quite popular these days. You will like it because it is clean, effective and you don’t even need a chimney anymore. We will help you to … Read More

most energy efficient space heater

Most Energy Efficient Space Heaters

Space heating consumes a lot of energy. In fact, for most Americans, it takes up approximately 42 percent of our utility bills. Solutions are necessary, both to save your hard-earned cash and our declining environment. One way to cut your utility bills without having to freeze is by investing in … Read More

best patio heater

Best Patio Heaters

A patio and a drink are all you need for a lazy Sunday. Sadly—depending on where you live—this is mainly a summer event.  Fortunately, there’s a solution, allowing you to enjoy your drink on the patio year-round.  A outdoor patio heater is a fantastic way of keeping the atmosphere warm, … Read More

best indoor propane heater

Best Indoor Propane Heaters

Over the years, people have wanted more control over their energy supply. They want it to be cleaner, cheaper, and more efficient. Among the various energy sources available, propane presents a compelling value proposition. That’s also why indoor propane heaters are so popular these days. Having become great purchases, we … Read More

best wood stove

Best Wood Stoves

With winter becoming more unpredictable than before, finding a cost-effective heating system is imperative. Among the plethora of heating options exists a splendid, yet convenient, apparatus for heating your home: a wood burning stove.  Most efficient wood stoves are ergonomically designed for various purposes and simultaneously offer exceptional heating. While … Read More

best electric heater

Best Electric Heater for Your sweet home

No matter how warm-blooded you are, there will always be a time when temperatures drop below freezing, and you just can’t warm up. In these situations, buying an electric heater for your home can be just the ticket you need to add a cozy and toasty atmosphere. Here, we’ve rounded … Read More

best bathroom heater

Best Bathroom Heaters

Bathrooms are usually the coldest areas in a house during the harsh winter, which is funny because most of us spend a lot of time there. Have you ever felt cold to the bone while taking a shower, tending your hair, brushing your teeth, applying a facemask, or sitting on … Read More

best hydronic baseboard heaters

Best Hydronic Baseboard Heaters

The electric hydronic baseboard heaters are an alternative to pure electric baseboard heaters. They rely on heating water or other liquids contained inside the device to heat the surrounding space. These are self-contained radiant heaters that install at the base of a wall and can produce long-lasting and consistent heating … Read More