Best Electric Wall Mounted Heaters

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When you have a central heating system, all the house inhabitants have to settle for the same heating level. 

In comparison, this is where electric wall heaters shine.

A good electric wall-mounted heater allows you to change the temperature in any given room without affecting other occupants’ comfort levels.

To save you time, our top-rated product is the King PAW2422-W Electric Wall Heater.

Our Picks for Best Electric Wall Heaters:

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Last update on 2024-03-03 at 07:47

Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews

1. King PAW2422-W Electric Wall Heater—Best Overall 

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To kickstart our convection wall heater reviews, we have this popular King model.

It’s our top choice for the best electric wall heaters as it’s powerful, quiet, and available in a wide range of options—240V/2250W, 208V/2250W or a 120V 1500W model.

It contains the original Pic-a-Watt element that’s been a hallmark of this brand since 1958. This allows you to tailor the heat in a given room based on your comfort levels. This process is as easy as unplugging a wire to select the wattage during installation.

Also, the powerful whisper-quiet fan keeps the heat levels up while keeping the noise levels down.

However, you’ll need to order the thermostat separately, which is mind-boggling to some customers.


  • Easy to install with quick set alignment tabs.
  • One-screw mounting for fast installation.
  • Whisper-quiet fan.
  • Vent-style grill to merge with your decor.


  • Controller needs to be ordered separately.

2. Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater—Best WiFi Infrared Wall-Mounted Heater

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This state-of-the-art Heat Storm infrared heater features some nifty additions, such as being the only WiFi-enabled model on our list. This allows you to control your room’s temperature remotely through your phone, maximizing user-friendliness and avoiding cold periods.

It also features a safe-to-touch grill, which is thanks to the anti-burn materials on the vent shields. This is perfect if you have pets or kids at home. You can also easily conceal this model in any space and blend it into your background by hiding the cords inside the heater.

As this is a relatively smaller model, both in terms of size and power, it may not be the best choice if you’re looking for a heater for a large space.


  • Safe-to-touch design.
  • Operated remotely through WiFi.
  • Space-saving wall-mount design.


  • Not ideal for large spaces.

3. Stiebel Eltron 240-Volt Wall-Mounted Electric Fan Heater—Best Wall Heater with Thermostat

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This is a powerful Stiebel Eltron electric heater since it features a 2000-Watt 240-volt heater. Despite its inherent power and capabilities, this model is extremely well priced and is ideal for most spaces even the bathroom.

The heater fan uses galvanized steel and features a squirrel cage type blower, contributing to the quiet 49.7dB operation.

It’s reinforced using glass and polycarbonate, allowing the heater to maintain its quiet mode, even when operating at full power.

Thanks to the even-heating downdraft design, this model pulls in the cool air from the top and blows out warm air from the bottom, ensuring maximum efficiency and comfort.

Note that some customers mention it’s hard to install solo. Prepare to enlist the help of a friend or a technician to get the job done.


  • Powerful due to 2000 Watts and 240 volts.
  • Ultra-quiet.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Built-in thermostat. 


  • Tough to install on your own.

4. Broan-NuTone 9815WH Grille Heater— Energy Efficient Wall Heater

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If you’re looking for a true energy-saver model, this Broan-NuTone model is worth a look.

You have the option of converting and switching this model between two modes:

  • 120V/1500W; or
  • 240V/1500W.

This wall mounted electric heater allows you to get the right room temperature without unnecessarily using more power than needed. This combines well with the adjustable, front-mounted built-in thermostat to target a specific heat.

Also, it has a functional design. The white grill has a contemporary styling and sports radius edges and straight louvers.

The one major downside to this model, especially the 240V variant, is that it can run loud due to the sheer power output.


  • Easy to change the heat thanks to the built-in thermostat.
  • Energy-saving model that runs on two distinct modes.
  • Functional design.
  • Runs on an efficient alloy heating element.


  • Can run a bit loud, according to some customers.

5. Cadet CEC163TW Energy Plus Wall Heater—Best Premium Heater

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This Cadet model is one of the best electric wall heaters; one which we consider to be premium. It runs at 240 volts and 1600 Watts, offering immense power and heating capabilities.

It also has a state-of-the-art smart sensor that can auto-adjust the voltage to match your home’s voltage supply. This ensures there’s no chance of overheating or damaging the device in the long run.

An optional fan-only mode allows you to circulate the air in a given space without even turning the heater on. It also has a quiet motor that allows for noiseless operation.

Finally, a built-in digital thermostat allows you to precisely change the temperature in a room based on your comfort levels.

The fact that this wall mounted electric heater with thermostat doesn’t come with a remote control is a downside to consider. This is especially not expected from a premium model.


  • Noiseless operation.
  • Powerful device.
  • Optional fan-only mode.
  • Unique power supply smart sensor.


  • No remote control feature.

6. Cadet RMC162W 240V White Register Heater—Best Insert

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The Cadet RMC162W is an excellent compact option that you can insert right into your wall. It looks like any other air register for existing forced air systems, except this vent will actually work to heat your homes.

Apart from being compact, this model is quite powerful as well. The manufacturers ensure that you can heat a 300 square-foot room in under two hours. That’s extremely impressive for a heating unit of this size.

On top of this, it features a built-in thermostat to improve its efficiency and accuracy.

However, one of its downsides is that you’ll need to put in some work to install it. This requires cutting through drywall, if necessary, and hardwiring to your electrical circuits. Make sure to get professional help if your DIY skills are lacking.


  • Primary and secondary thermal safeguards.
  • Fast heating, even in large spaces.
  • Clean and discreet look.
  • Made using commercial-grade steel.


  • Requires professional installation.

7. Brightown 350W Space Heater—Best Budget

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This is a small and nifty 350-Watt space heater that’s ideal if you’re looking for a budget selection. It’s ideal for small spaces as it runs on 120 volts and 2.9 amps. 

It features a convenient 180-degree rotating plug with three prongs. This makes installing the device a lot easier. You simply push the button under the plug to adjust the rotating angle and coverage.

This model is far more economical than other heaters as it draws only 120V of power. It’s also built to avoid the circuits from overheating, thanks to the lower voltage.

On top of this, customers particularly note the LED display and timer for easy operation.

The use of slightly sub-par materials on the exterior is a negative to consider—the heater can run hot when left running for a long time.


  • Extremely cost-effective.
  • Ideal for small spaces.
  • Includes an LED display and timer.


  • Can run hot.

Electric Wall Heaters Buyers’ Guide

Here are some handy pointers to consider before you invest in your brand new wall heater.

Electricity Usage

Electric wall heaters are far more economical than a central heating system. 

This is because centralized systems work on the division of a heater network around your home. You don’t usually have the option of controlling individual heating vents in this system, and more often than not, you’re left running the entire heating system simultaneously.

This works well in locations where a central heating system is a must, where winter is quite harsh and consistent.

Electric wall heaters are invaluable in less harsh conditions, though.

They allow you to heat various rooms based on your requirement and the season. You can also use a thermostat to achieve the ideal temperature and avoid overheating any given space.

Not only is this method far more energy efficient in the long-run, but you also save on running costs.

The only factor you need to consider here is to find the right heater size for a given room, and you’re pretty much golden after that.

Purchase and Installation Costs

As electric wall heaters are popular, you should find a model based on your budget. Expect starter heaters for small spaces for as low as dozens of dollars. You can certainly find a quality one for most spaces for a few hundred dollars.

Heater costs tend to change based on:

  • Brand.
  • Quality of parts used.
  • Heater power.
  • The space it can effectively heat. 

Apart from that, installing these devices can be relatively easy. While central heating units are near-impossible to install on your own, you can easily do so with your wall heater. 

Most of the time, it only involves using a mounting bracket to suspend the heater. You’ll likely find the required tools to do this at home.

Electric Wall Heater

Running Costs

A heater’s running cost mainly depends on:

  • Heating element’s efficiency.
  • Power.
  • Heating method.

Make sure to look out for units with an integrated fan. These units tend to heat your room far quicker compared to their counterparts. You should have a nice and toasty space in a couple of minutes.

Such models tend to be a bit more expensive, but they’ll certainly help you cut costs in the long run. 

When it comes to power, the greater this is, the more expensive the model is to run. But, it’ll also heat your space a lot quicker. With this, strike a balance between power output and your space at home.

There’s no need to buy the most powerful model to heat a small area. Conversely, it won’t be powerful and efficient, and you’ll run it constantly.

If you’re considering a model that relies on convection currents for heating, these models take a lot more time to heat a given space. Their heating consistency is excellent, and the room will stay warmer for longer, but the initial heating period can take a while.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Leave Electric Wall Heater On?

No, it’s best not to leave electric wall heaters on for safety reasons. While most modern devices come with an auto shut-off feature, it’s best to turn it off and unplug it after use to avoid accidental fires.

Which Type of Heater Is Cheapest to Run?

In general, the three cheapest types of electric heaters for rooms are infrared room heaters, oil heaters and storage heaters.

Can Wall Heaters Cause Carbon Monoxide?

No, wall heaters cannot cause carbon monoxide. Only heaters that rely on burning a combustible fuel can cause carbon monoxide. Wall heaters rely on electricity for heating.

The Heat is On

Although each of the seven selections presented in our electric wall heaters review can efficiently heat your home, the KING PAW2422-W Electric Wall Heater is the winner. This is a powerful device made by a quality brand capable of quietly and efficiently heating your space.

The Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater and the Stiebel Eltron 240-Volt Wall-Mounted Electric Fan Heater come in as runners-up. They’re high-quality devices that are well-priced for their performance and feature excellent design choices.

Heating your space has never been easier or more efficient thanks to these products.

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