Best Indoor Propane Heaters

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Over the years, people have wanted more control over their energy supply. They want it to be cleaner, cheaper, and more efficient. Among the various energy sources available, propane presents a compelling value proposition. That’s also why indoor propane heaters are so popular these days.

Having become great purchases, we thought it important to carry out indoor propane heater reviews. Of these, the Mr Heater Buddy is our favorite. The heat output offered by this device is very impressive, making it the best product for homes. 

Our Picks for Best Indoor Propane Heaters

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Last update on 2024-07-13 at 09:11

Reviews of Best Indoor Propane Heaters

1. Mr Heater Buddy Propane radiant Heater —Best Overall

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Last update on 2024-07-13 at 03:40

Enerco—the manufacturer of the Mr Heater line of products—features three products on our list of six. This illustrates just how reputable it is in producing great quality indoor propane heaters. It considers itself the manufacturer of “North America’s most popular portable propane heaters.”

The Buddy is a portable indoor propane heater made of a combination of plastic, steel and nickel. These three materials ensure the build quality is exceptional and affordable

This 4,000 to 9,000 BTU heater is capable of warming spaces as large as 225 square feet. It has an approved energy efficiency of nearly 100 percent. This allows you to heat any mid-sized room in your house and, because it’s portable, entire campsites!

Portability is possible by a plastic fold-down handle and metal swivel regulator. These connect to a propane tank. This tank—which isn’t included in the purchase—has a runtime of three hours at maximum output. The burn rate is about 0.044 gallons per hour at the minimum output and 0.99 gallons per hour at maximum output. 

Safety features are standard in this model. These include an automatic shut-off mechanism, which functions when the heater is tipped over. A light indicator that goes off if oxygen levels become too low is also featured.

We consider this the best indoor propane heater because of the performance and features you get for the price. To get a higher output heater with similar features, you’d have to pay a lot more.


  • Portable. 
  • Great heat output.
  • One-year limited warranty. 
  • Lightweight at only 9 pounds. 
  • Well-priced. 


  • Propane tanks sold separately. 
  • Only compatible with select accessories. 
  • Design is too utilitarian for some.

2. ProCom Infrared Ventless Plaque Heater—Best-Designed Indoor Propane Heater

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When we refer to “best-designed,” we’re more concerned with form than function. It isn’t enough for a heater to warm a room; it must seamlessly integrate with your interior. Aesthetics have become a popular trend in home products, and ProCom has considered this when designing it.

The Ventless Infrared Heater has a maximum output of 28,000 BTUs, allowing it to heat a room that’s up to 1,450 square feet. This makes the product suitable for large office spaces and restaurants. 

The easy-to-use controls are a welcome feature. Output in propane heaters isn’t digitally regulated as with electrical heaters, so it’s rare to have precise controls in such heaters. But with this model, there are three heating modes offered—standard low/medium/high. These can be effortlessly interchanged with the handy controls.

With an energy efficiency of 99.9 percent, coupled with a one-year limited warranty, it’s hard to find a flaw in this product. But the great performance of this product is its downfall. 

Firstly, many people would find a power output of 28,000 BTUs unnecessary. Much lower outputs provide sufficient heat for rooms, and the extra price they’d pay for such performance doesn’t seem worth it.


  • The 28,000 BTU output heats rooms as large as 1,450 square feet. 
  • Great build quality. 
  • Visually appealing. 


  • Expensive product compared to others. 
  • You need a large liquid propane tank for this model. This can be difficult to install, depending on the household. 

3. Mr Heater F299730—Best Interchangeable Indoor Propane Heater

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Because spaces are different, having some versatility is very important when purchasing a product. The Mr Heater F299730 delivers on this by having both wall and leg mounts.

Despite having a similar power output with the ProCom infrared space heater, its performance isn’t as impressive. The 30,000 BTUs emitted by this heater only warms an area of 750 square feet. This is nearly half of what the ProCrom does with less power output. And the dispersion of thermal energy isn’t the same—depending on your room, this could be a deal-breaker. 

The burn rate of liquid propane is decent, though. At maximum output, about 1.389 pounds of fuel are burnt every hour. 

There are some stand-out safety features with this heater. For instance, an automatic low-oxygen switch will shut it down when oxygen levels fall too low. High oxygen levels help the propane heater ignite, so this feature prevents gas from escaping without ignition.


  • Two interchangeable configurations: wall-mounted or freestanding. 
  • 30,000 BTU output. 
  • Standard safety features. 


  • When compared to other products, the heating range is quite low. 

4. ProCom Ventless Ice House Heater—Best Indoor Heater with thermostat

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A thermostat is a key feature in most modern heaters. The one featured in this heater automatically cycles the burner on and off for greater heat flow. This creates a warm ambiance in your room.  

The Ice House Heater manages to avoid the difficulties faced by most products of this type. It provides even and controlled heat to suit your preferences. With a 99.9 percent efficiency, you’re guaranteed that minimal energy waste. 

The device has a maximum output of 10,000 BTUs and can function in a room as large as 300 square feet. Just like the Infrared Plaque Heater from the same company, this heater features a slick design that’s rare for propane heaters.

On a final note, ProCom, compared to their competition on our list, seems to produce more aesthetically pleasing products.


  • Impressive thermostat control.
  • 99.9 efficiency. 
  • 10,000 BTU output sufficient for mid-sized rooms. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing. 


  • More expensive than similar-performing products. 
  • Must buy a lot of other accessories, like a blower, to get the most out of the product. 

5. ProCom Propane Convection Heater—Best Output for an Indoor Propane Heater

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ProCom’s Propane Convection Heater has an incredible maximum output. At 80,000 BTUs, it’ll be hard for others to compete. Due to the output, it’s no surprise then that this product is compatible with liquid propane tanks as large as 100 pounds. 

The steel used in the product is of a high standard considering that you can get this product at a low price. This quality ensures you’re able to operate at such a high output without damaging the casing. ProCom backs this quality up with a one-year limited warranty. 

Unlike other products featured in this guide, this indoor propane heater isn’t recommended for your average home. The lack of precise adjustable settings makes this product suitable for large indoor spaces. These could be conference areas or restaurants.

Note that a larger and more powerful version—200,000 BTU maximum output—is also available. 


  • High output. 
  • Great build quality. 
  • Relatively cheap. 
  • Compatible with standard liquid propane tanks. 
  • One-year limited warranty. 


  • Only two heating modes, which are quite high for your standard room. 
  • Not much use in an average home. 

6. Mr Heater Little Buddy—Best Indoor Propane Heater for Camping

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The Little Buddy offers continuous odor-free heat and can heat an area of 95 square feet. This makes it a suitable solution for those sleeping in tents.  

As a camping heater, it’s unsurprisingly portable. The tank used— sold separately—is a 1-pound liquid propane tank. It ensures you can maneuver with your heater while providing a decent run time.

The easy-to-use switches are robust enough to survive most camping trips. Even though camping is technically an outdoor activity, you’ll feel like you’re snug at home when you use this heater. This makes it a worthy inclusion on our list. 


  • Lightweight at only 5 pounds. 
  • Portable. 
  • Decent run time. 
  • Rugged enough for camping.


  • Not much use other than camping. 
  • Tanks sold separately. 

How to Choose an Indoor Propane Heater for Home

Heating Output and Range

In theory, the higher the heat output, the larger the area the heater can function in. But this isn’t the reality in most of the heaters we’ve reviewed today.

Yes, heating output is important. But it’s not recommended you take it in isolation when determining the best indoor propane heater to buy. If heat dissipates differently, a lower output heater can function in a much larger room.

We noticed this in two of the high-output products we reviewed. At similar outputs, the ProCom Infrared Plaque Heater could heat a room nearly twice as large as the Mr Heater F299730 could.

This performance is dependent on various factors, such as:

  • Casing design.
  • Construction materials.
  • Mounting options.

Propane Consumption Rate

The heater’s efficiency will directly affect you, so it’s important you find a low consumption heater. This will ensure you save money when refueling your tank. To determine whether the rate of propane consumption is decent, carry out simple math. 

  1. A gallon of propane produces an output of about 92,000 BTUs.
  2. So, a 30,000 BTU heater should take three hours to burn through a gallon of propane.
  3. To determine the ideal rate of consumption, divide the 92,000 by the maximum output of the heater.
  4. If the run time is too far from the theoretical ideal, then the propane heater isn’t efficient enough. 

NB: All the products featured in our review are close to the theoretical ideal of consumption rate for their given maximum output. Consequently, they make for great purchases. 

Tank Compatibility 

Many indoor propane heaters have no tank included in the purchase. This means you’ll have to go out of your way to choose a tank.

When shopping, keep in mind that tank compatibility has nothing to do with the size of the tank but more to do with the type. 

If you’re limited to using a specific tank from the heater’s manufacturer, you may lose the product’s initial versatility. The portability is also compromised if you can’t use your heater on any propane tank.


How Big of a Tank Should I Buy?

The size of a tank you should buy depends on your heater and the maximum output. If you own a heater like the ProCom Propane Convection Heater, then you need a mammoth-sized tank—100 pounds, for example. The higher the output, the bigger the tank needed. 

After How Many Years Should I Change My Propane Heater? 

On average, you should change your heater after three years, but this isn’t a definite rule. Also, the warranty on a product doesn’t indicate how long a heater will last, but it’s more your discretion. If your heater lasts longer, then don’t feel the need to change.


The Mr Heater Buddy has compelling features and is reasonably priced, making it our favorite. The portability and sufficient heat output are its main advantages, while the one-year warranty is reassuring. 

Although it has our unwavering approval, this doesn’t mean it’s the best option for everybody.

Many may prefer the high output of the ProCom Propane Convection Heater, especially those with incredibly large rooms or vibrant commercial spaces. Others will probably like the design-friendliness of the ProCom Infrared Plaque Heater

Whichever product you choose, make your home cozier and warmer with an indoor propane heater. 

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